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YouTube shuts down Durv, the clickbait kid's channel.

YouTube has finally shut down Durv's channel. Durv is a 14 year YouTuber from England & his content is mainly clickbait. Durv gained almost 1.5 million subscribers by using extreme clickbait thumbnails & titles in his videos. He also fools his audience to like & subscribe to his channel by claiming to give free gift cards & gaming consoles like Xbox & PS4 to them. People mainly liked his videos & subscribed to his channel thinking that they would get what Durv claims to give them. Considering the fact that he lied to his audience, it's pretty safe to say that he's a fraud.

His recent videos like "Calling Boss Baby He Answered OMG!" & other fake click-baity videos grabbed attention of YouTubers like Pyrocynical, NFKRZ & Memeulous & they have criticized Durv's intense use of clickbait titles in his videos & the videos being fake.

YouTube has terminated his channel as he has violated YouTube's guidelines & it is a great step by YouTube as these people make a lot of money by fooling their audience & making useless content. Though, there are still a lot of channels like Durv that needs to be terminated.

Photo Source: Wikitubia


  1. Ooh wow youtube did something positive for once.

    1. I know right.

      I hope they get rid of the rest those clickbait channels.

  2. Well, Why Won't youtube Terminate Ruby rube and morgz? Also, Durv has been resurrected from his grave that Has been pissed on by the Youtube community.

  3. They didnt have to do this. Youtubed needs to slow down on these bans.


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